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This business is proudly native owned from the Bering Straits Region.  From a rural community, I understand rural needs and have been in the emergency preparedness field for 20 years.  
We can help your community with emergency preparedness.

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"Charlene is well-known and respected throughout the Bering Strait region. She is very skilled at leading emergency planning meetings and encouraging leaders to agree on issues in order to keep moving forward. She would be an excellent advisor for any community that needs to develop or exercise a Small Community Emergency Response Plan, write a Hazard Mitigation Plan, or apply for State and Federal Hazard Mitigation or Disaster Assistance funding."

Thomas Koloski, Former EMS III

State of Alaska - DMVA/DHS&EM

"I had the joy of working with Charlene Saclamana for over two years.  She is extremely knowledgeable about emergency preparedness issues and has over 20 years of experience in the field.  Charlene has a vast network throughout Alaska is able to explain complex issues, manage projects, and help you with any preparedness projects you might have!'

Anahma Shannon, Director

Environmental Program/Natural Resources Division

Kawerak, Inc.

"Having worked with Charlene over the last four years on a variety of projects I have been so grateful for her expertise, diligence, and creativity when it comes to finding solutions and engaging a wide group of stakeholders. I have found her perspective, understanding, and experience in the emergency planning world unparalleled - especially when it comes to smaller Alaskan communities. I look forward to any opportunity to continue working with her."

Courtney Breest, Outreach Coordinator

Catalyst Consulting

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Alaska Native communities strive to be self-sufficient, we are familiar with general concepts of emergency preparedness and planning.  We use preparedness and planning in our daily lives.  Emergency Preparedness are the steps you and your community take to make sure you are safe before, during and after an emergency or natural disaster.  Let BSEP assist your community through this process for a better prepared community.

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As Alaskans, preparedness is used in our daily lives due to the remoteness of our communities.  Emergency Preparedness is identifying the hazards our communities are susceptible to and documenting the actions we must take to respond.


Each community in Alaska is unique.  We can assist your community through a self-lead emergency planning process that will give your community ownership of the emergency plan created for the benefit of the whole community.

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Through the Emergency Preparedness and Planning process, we can assist your community create an emergency preparedness training program so that all community partners are on the same page and ready to respond in a coordinated manner.

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Bering Sea Emergency Planning Services' goal is to help small communities navigate the intricacies of emergency preparedness and planning.


Our expertise is focused on:

Emergency Operations Planning, Small Community Emergency Plan evaluation and development.

Hazard Mitigation plan review to make sure your community is meeting mitigation measures.  Can pair grant funding opportunities to meet these measures. 

Community emergency preparedness assessment.

Emergency Plan exercise development to assess community emergency plan efficiency.

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Bering Sea Emergency Planning Services has 30 years of experience in writing successful proposals and grants related to emergency preparedness and planning. 

We are familiar with meeting State and Federal qualifiers in order to seek funding related to emergency preparedness and planning.  

Proposals successfully sought:  LEPC, EMPG, SHSG, PDM, HUD, DOJ.

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Part of our business focus includes oil and hazardous substance knowledge, preparedness and planning. We are familiar with the Alaska Oil and Hazardous Substances Geographic Response Plan developed by the State of Alaska.  We can help your community understand how this plan is used.    

Small Community Emergency Preparedness

Hazardous Material Awareness

Network training referral

Alaska Regional Response Team

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Charlene Saclamana

Anchorage, Alaska


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